What Is A Good Backlink?

SEO & Backlink Building

Google rankings are driven by great, relevant content and a solid profile of backlinks from relevant, high quality websites. A backlink is a link from another website that passes, trust, quality, relevance and authority to your site.

Backlinks drive search engines and if you are going to rank well for the most competitive search terms, that carry the largest volumes of targeted traffic, you are going to need a ‘natural’ balanced, Google friendly link profile to support your rankings.

Each link pointing to your site content needs the following;

  • On different Class C IP addresses
  • Do Follow
  • Within relevant content
  • On relevant link category page
  • Not on an orphan page (a page with no links)
  • Naturally optimized link anchor text profile
  • Not on link networks
  • On Google Indexed pages

It is very easy to over optimize your link text density which is the easiest way to incur a Google penalty. Google is very sensitive to the text you use in your link text.

There is a tendency to use the exact phrases that you want to rank for, which is another strong indication that you created the links yourself. If you do this then you will only harm your rankings. You should aim for 90% of your links to have your URL or Brand name as their anchor text.

Each exact match anchor that you use should total less than 1% of your total backlinks to avoid any ranking issues.